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She, He, and They: Forging a New Relationship

Steve Bannon is concerned that women are going to take over society.  Really?  The way he talks about it, it’s like it has to be either men in charge or women in charge.  Why this binary thinking?   Why always a ladder of rank where some are less valuable?  It’s time to question the idea of a moral hierarchy.  Let’s stop acting like crabs in a bucket, always squabbling about who’s on top.

If women did take over society and reorganize it, would the structure look like a pyramid?  Couldn’t it look like a circle of inclusion?  Or a web of life?

Can she, he, and they explore a kind of interdependence?  What would have to change about how your gender identity was socialized?

Join us in the MIT W20 First Floor Meeting Room on November 1 at 4pm to discuss.

-–Nina Lytton, Humanist Chaplaincy Intern

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